Training Courses for Federal Employees

FELTG training isn’t just for federal supervisors and advisors – we have training programs for employees too. Look below for details.


EM-1: The Civil Civil Servant: Protections, Performance, and Conduct (1/2 – 1 day)

Course Topics: An explanation of merit system principles, including mandatory No FEAR Act material; employee rights and responsibilities when engaging in the EEO process; whistleblower retaliation protections; performance and conduct legal rights and requirements. Full course description here.


EM-2: Preventing and Correcting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (1/2-1 day)

Course Topics: Definition of sexual harassment; circumstances that constitute harassment; roles in harassment; tangible employment actions; hostile work environment harassment; same-sex harassment; company liability; employee responsibilities; strategies for prevention.


EM-3: Understanding Reasonable Accommodation (1/2 – 1 day)

Course Topics: Your obligations under the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act & Amendments Act; regulations; the reasonable accommodation process; the medical documentation employees are required to provide; the medical information employers cannot ask for; defining an individual with a disability; major life activities and substantial limitations; essential job functions; the interactive process; when employers can say “no” to an accommodation.


EM-4: Mindset Matters: Making the Transition from Individual Contributor to Supervisor (1 day)

Course Topics: Assessing existing managerial knowledge, skills, behaviors, and confidence; understanding the art and science behind managing others; differentiating between a general mindset, positional mindset, and job-specific mindset; understanding the traits that directly correlate with the ability to accurately assess performance; create a personal development strategy to transition to supervision.


EM-5: The High-Performing Team (1 day)

Course Topics: This is an interactive, full-day learning experience based upon Social Styles, an industry-tested assessment that helps leaders leverage individual personality types and strengths to promote accurate communication, diminish unhealthy conflict, and increase individual and collective performance. Social Styles is driven by the premise that diverse teams are better teams. The High- Performing Team examines the neuroscience behind peak performance, explores the composition of teams of excellence, offers strategies to understand and negotiate individual differences, and equips leaders to align team goals with those of the agency.

Offered by nationally-recognized leadership scholar and trainer Dr. Anthony J. Marchese, The High- Performing Team includes assessments, relevant articles and videos, real-life simulations, and practical suggestions for ongoing sustainability.


EM-6: Handling Behavioral Health Issues and Threats of Violence in the Federal Workplace (1-2 days)

Course Topics: Your organization’s legal obligation to provide its employees with a safe workplace; ADAAA requirements on accommodating individuals with mental impairments and other behavioral health issues; types of mental disabilities and how they may exhibit in the workplace; dealing with suicidal employees; dos and don’ts when working employees who have behavioral health issues; myths and facts about targeted violence in the workplace; individual characteristics that put an employee at higher risk of committing an act of violence; steps to take if someone becomes violent in the workplace; developing and implement an in-house threat management team to deal with threat assessments; risk management; the best ways to keep employees safe during a crisis.


Upcoming Training Events

Advanced Employee Relations – New Orleans
Nov 19 – Nov 21 all-day

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Let’s face it: Being a federal sector Employee Relations Specialist is a tough job. It’s great to know the basics, but the basics don’t always help you when you’re facing those really challenging situations. That’s when you realize that there is much more to learn. No worries. FELTG is presenting Advanced Employee Relations, a three-day seminar focused on immersing you in the employee relations training you need most.

Held in New Orleans in November 2019, you’ll receive in-depth training on topics including leave, performance, misconduct, disability accommodation, and more. Plus, hands-on workshops will allow you to leave with the tools you’ll need to succeed. And it will all be taught by FELTG Senior Instructor Barbara Haga.

Great training. Great instructor. Great location. Register now.

The program runs 8:30 – 4:30 each day.


Barbara Haga

Daily Agenda:


Leave and Attendance: Administering leave, with particular emphasis on sick leave, LWOP, and FMLA. Detailed review of sick leave provisions including authorized purposes for use of sick leave, limitations on use of sick leave for family care and bereavement, eligibility to use leave for care, notice requirements, acceptable documentation. Management actions to control use of leave and abuse of sick leave. Detailed review of FMLA provisions including eligibility to invoke FMLA, entitlement, coverage of family members, administration and notice requirements. Acceptable medical documentation under FMLA, definition of serious health condition. Substitution of paid leave. Discipline tied to FMLA. LWOP – when LWOP is mandatory, limits on granting LWOP, employee status while on extended LWOP. Other topics –issues related to annual leave and leave transfer, other leave entitlements.


Performance Management: Managing performance from system establishment to conducting annual appraisals to taking actions linked to performance. GEAR initiative and other efforts focused on modifying Federal performance management system. Requirements for performance plans, including design of agency systems, rating schemes, and procedures for conducting appraisals. Revised DOD performance system to be implemented in 2016. Linkage between appraisal and other personnel management decisions, including reduction-in-force and within-grade increases. Writing effective and measurable performance criteria that will withstand third-party review, including a workshop where participants will do an in-depth review of performance plans. Requirements for successful performance-based actions – from drafting a PIP notice that will withstand scrutiny to conducting a bona fide PIP to ensuring that due process is met in effecting an action on unacceptable performance.


Misconduct and Other Related Issues: Implementation of a successful disciplinary program – delegation of authority, role of advisors, warnings and cautions, use of administrative leave. Nexus. Dealing with comparators in determining a penalty. Involuntary actions – resignations and retirements. Ordering and Offering medical examinations. Specific disciplinary situations: handling situations when an employee is unable to perform including excessive leave, disability retirement, separation disability; conduct unbecoming; misuse and technology-related misconduct; failure to meet conditions of employment.


Early Bird Tuition (November 5):

  • 3 days = $1370
  • 2 days = $970
  • 1 day = $530

Standard Tuition (register November 6 – November 21):

  • 3 days = $1470
  • 2 days = $1070
  • 1 day = $630


Nearby hotel (walking distance): Towne Place Suites New Orleans Metairie

Cancellation and No-show Policy for Registered Participants: Cancellations made after the cancel date on the registration form will not be refunded or given credit toward future courses. Pre-paid training using the “Pay Now” option will not be refunded or given credit toward future courses. No-shows will not be refunded or given credit toward future courses.

Webinar – Pregnancy in the Federal Workplace: Discrimination, Harassment, and Accommodation
Nov 21 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

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Meghan Droste

When must you accommodate an employee who is pregnant? Can you request medical documentation if a pregnant employee asks for an accommodation? What if an employee can’t do the critical elements of her job because she is pregnant? What are the options for an employee who hasn’t worked long enough to be eligible for FMLA?

Federal law protects employees from pregnancy-based discrimination and harassment at work, and it allows that employees have a legal right to work adjustments to allow them to do their job without jeopardizing their health. However, these protections come at the intersection of three different laws — the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

This 90-minute webinar, hosted by FELTG instructor and attorney at law Meghan Droste, will explain the protections afforded pregnant employees under all three laws, as well as explain:

  • When you have an obligation to accommodate pregnant employees.
  • What medical documentation you are permitted to ask for when evaluating a request for accommodations.
  • How to avoid discriminating against pregnant job applicants.
  • What to do when supervisors try to “protect” pregnant employees from difficult work.

Get up to speed on this challenging area of law. Register today.


Early Bird Tuition: $275 per site (payment required by November 11)

Standard Tuition: $305 per site (for payments made November 12 or later)

Teleworkers may be added to a main site registration for $35 each, if space is available.

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