March 14, 2016 – March 17, 2016 all-day America/New York Timezone
International Student House (ISH) – Ella Burling Hall
1825 R St NW
Washington, DC 20009

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Barbara Haga

Daily Agenda:


  • Leave and Attendance Management I: Overview — Legal and regulatory requirements, general leave principles, intersection of leave and labor contracts
  • Annual leave — approval/disapproval, accrual, advanced leave, use or lose leave,
  • Sick leave — accrual, purposes for which sick leave may be used, use for family care and bereavement, granting/denying sick leave, advanced leave, sick leave abuse
  • FMLA — Coverage, entitlements, family member eligibility, counting time used, requests and provisional leave, serious health conditions


  • Leave and Attendance Management II: FMLA continued — medical certification requirements, intermittent FMLA, substitution of paid leave for FMLA, military FMLA, discipline and FMLA
  • Other types of leave — leave transfer, court leave, military leave, home leave, shore leave, funeral leave, excused absence
  • LWOP and AWOL — LWOP requirements, impact on the employee and the position, AWOL procedures
  • Leave-Based Actions — combating attendance issues, leave charges, enforced leave
  • Medical Issues — medical documentation, reasonable accommodation related to leave, options for leave-related situations including disability retirement, separation disability, action on excessive absence


  • Performance Management I: Appraisal Processes — legislative history, regulatory background, legal requirements for appraisal systems: coverage, appraisal periods, establishing plans and monitoring performance, documentation and management review, assigning summary ratings, reconsideration and grievances
  • System Design — critical elements and non-critical elements and how they work, summary and element rating patterns, requirements when dealing with marginal performance, feedback and preparing for assessment, performance recognition
  • Performance Plans — guidance on defining critical elements and setting standards, dealing with objective standards, important MSPB decisions on standards, measuring results


  • Performance Management II: Performance Plans continued — linking individual and organizational performance, reviewing your own performance plan for improvement
  • Pay and RIF — Within-Grade Increases: requirements for processing, denial procedures, appeals, rating requirements; retention order in RIF, performance component of retention, determining performance credit, assignment rights tied to performance
  • Dealing with Deficient Performance — plusses and minuses of actions taken under 5 CFR 432, impact of not taking action when needed, performance v. conduct, 432 procedures, PIP’s: notice, agency requirements, and important MSPB decisions related to the opportunity period, reasonable accommodation related to unacceptable performance, notice and decision requirements under 432, possible outcomes, performance action under 5 CFR 752.
  • Pricing:


  • 4 days = $1680
  • 3 days = $1290
  • 2 days = $910
  • 1 day = $490

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