October 5, 2016 all-day America/New York Timezone
International Student House
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Performance appraisals. End of cycle ratings on tough-to-track elements. Discussing performance problems with employees. Taking defensible performance actions. Dealing with generic performance plans.

If you’re a federal supervisor and those words above mean anything to you, then we have a brand new one-day course just for you.

FELTG’s own Barbara Haga will take the mystery out of how the system is supposed to work in the federal government by helping you review your own performance plans to see what’s good and what needs tweaking. She’ll also explain how performance procedures work when an employee is not performing – and will cover so much more.

Ms Haga has over 30 years of experience working with appraisal systems, from participating in the design of systems to helping managers develop critical elements and performance standards. Take a look at the agenda below.


Barbara Haga


8:30-9:45:        Legal and Regulatory Background; Environment; System Requirements

9:55-11:45:      System Requirements (cont’d); Elements and Standards; Feedback; Applying Performance Plans

11:45-12:45:    Lunch

12:45-1:50:      MSPB Decisions on Performance Measures; Performance Plan Review

2:00-2:50:        Performance Plan Review (cont’d); Within-Grade Increases

3:00-4:00:        Unacceptable Performance; Performance Improvement Period; Taking Performance-based Action

4:00:                Adjourn


  • 1 day = $490

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