August 15, 2022 – August 19, 2022 all-day America/New York Timezone

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This week of FELTG training focuses on conducting administrative investigations in the federal workplace with an emphasis on employee misconduct including workplace harassment. After an overview of the substantive law, participants will learn procedures and best practices for conducting administrative investigations, including understanding what constitutes misconduct, the differences between EEO and non-EEO harassment, planning the investigation, fact finding, collecting evidence, dealing with witnesses, understanding types of questioning, and testifying at hearing. The week concludes with a day focused on writing an investigative report.

Special content will also discuss conducting investigations post-pandemic, including tips for interviewing witnesses virtually, addressing safety concerns during in-person interviewing and evidence gathering, and more.

Note: this class includes breakout discussions and workshops, and attendees are encouraged to participate via audio. Because of the interactive nature of this program attendance is limited, so register early to guarantee your spot.

The program runs 12:30 – 4:30 eastern each day, with a 30-minute break midway.

This program meets the requirements for training under the Department of Interior’s Anti-Harassment Policy.


Katherine Atkinson, Ann Boehm

Daily Agenda

Monday, August 15

Administrative Investigations: The Substantive Basis: Why investigate; discipline law and elements; understanding charges of misconduct; collecting penalty evidence; law behind other types of administrative investigations; witness rights; union representation.

Tuesday, August 16

Harassment Investigations: Investigating allegations of harassment; differentiating between EEO and non-EEO harassment; the latest on LGBTQ+ discrimination; overlapping forms of discrimination.

Wednesday, August 17

Conducting the Investigation, Part I: Evidentiary principles; purpose of investigation; preparing for the investigation; role of the investigator; planning the investigation. beginning the interview.

Thursday, August 18

Conducting the Investigation, Part II: Conducting the interview; handling difficult witnesses; assessing credibility/lies/hearing what isn’t said; body language; gathering other evidence; technology and investigations; high profile case considerations; testifying at an administrative hearing; rules for being an effective witness.

Friday, August 19

Writing the Investigative Report: Organizing for the report; establishing the chronology; writing for your audience; report writing style; report writing conventions; report organization; sample report.


Most people attend the full training week, but you may opt out of any days you don’t plan to attend.

Early Bird Tuition (register by August 1):

  • 5 days = $1495
  • 4 days = $1225
  • 3 days = $935
  • 2 days = $700
  • 1 day = $370

Standard Tuition (register August 2-19):

  • 5 days = $1575
  • 4 days = $1305
  • 3 days = $995
  • 2 days = $730
  • 1 day = $400


Event FAQs

  • Can I attend Virtual Training from my government computer?
    • FELTG uses Zoom for this Virtual Training Institute event. Many government computers and systems allow Zoom access. If for some reason your firewall will not allow access, you’re welcome to use your personal email address to register, and to attend the sessions from your personal device.
  • Can I earn CLE credits for this class?
    • CLE applications are the responsibility of each attendee; FELTG does not apply for the credits on behalf of attendees.  If you are seeking CLE credit, attendees may use the materials provided by FELTG in submission to your state bar. Attendees may also request a certificate of completion which will contain the number of training hours attended.
  • Can I share my access link with co-workers?
    • No. Registration for this event is per individual, and access links may not be shared. Each link may only be used by one person.
  • Can I register a teleworker?
    • This event is individual registration, so the cost is the same whether the person is teleworking or in an agency facility.
  • How do I receive a group rate discount?
    • Group rates are available for agencies registering 10 or more individuals for the full event. Group discounts are available through August 1.

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