March 24, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm America/New York Timezone
(844) 283-3584

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Barbara Haga

Course Description

Have questions about  technology-related issues in the workplace?  We have all heard of cases where a federal employee has used government equipment to access pornography. But, there is much more technology-related misconduct out there, such as running businesses from government workplaces, encouraging donations to political candidates using government computers, and simply wasting time on the Internet rather than working.  FELTG presents a 90-minute webinar, instructed by Barbara Haga, that will cover a number of relevant MSPB decisions on these topics, and will discuss material on defenses that employees have raised in these cases.

The seminar will also identify issues that should be addressed in technology policies, covering matters associated with telework and use of government equipment and systems in that context to what is reasonable use.

Ms Haga will also discuss:

  • Identifying important considerations in various types of misconduct, from accessing sexually explicit material to using government equipment for personal business purposes
  • Drafting specific charges that deal with various types of technology-related misconduct
  • Dealing with accommodation issues that come up in conjunction with technology matters
  • Anticipating technology issues to coordinate with IT staffs to establish policies that clearly explain misuse and to prepare supportable actions and ensure that union contract provisions support these policies


$270 per site

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