May 4, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm America/New York Timezone
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Deborah Hopkins, Ann Boehm

Course Description

After two-plus years of pandemic upheaval, agencies are finally bringing most employees back to the physical workplace, at least some of the time. After previous attempts were upended by COVID variants, agencies now have tangible plans on who is coming back, and when. And with those plans come brand-new challenges for your agency.

  • Uncertainty about the future of the vaccination requirement.
  • Medical considerations as new variants continue to circulate.
  • Strongly held feelings and belief about COVID-related matters.
  • Employees, now used to the flexibilities of remote work, who don’t want to return to the physical workplace.
  • And the uncertainty about the new hybrid workplace that many agencies are creating.

FELTG’s “The Return to the Workplace” webinar series offers to provide clear-cut answers, along with the appropriate framework for you to address these unique and unprecedented challenges.

May 4: New EEO Challenges: Preventing Post-COVID Reprisal and Harassment 

Rather than bringing people together to fight a common cause, the pandemic widened the deep politicization in this country, which, unfortunately, has filtered into workplaces. Federal agencies should be prepared to identify and handle expected increases in COVID-related reprisal and harassment. In this 60-minute webinar, FELTG President Deborah Hopkins will provide answers to numerous questions, including:

  • What’s the difference between COVID-related harassment and reprisal?
  • How can you prevent adverse treatment of individuals who requested an exemption to the vaccine requirement?
  • Is harassing someone who doesn’t believe in COVID an EEO issue?
  • What parameters can employers set about COVID- and vaccine-related conversations in the workplace?

May 11: Managing Post-pandemic Reasonable Accommodation Requests and Medical Documentation

Before a Federal district judge in Texas issued an injunction on the vaccine requirement for many (but not all) Federal employees, many of you were dealing with multiple requests for exemptions. And with the injunction set to be lifted May 31, those requests – plus any new ones that are filed – will once again require processing. And even more new accommodation challenges await you, along with potential minefields that if not avoided could lead to ADA/Rehabilitation Action violations. In this 60-minute webinar, FELTG Instructor Ann Boehm will provide answers to numerous questions, including:

  • How do you accommodate someone with ‘long COVID’?
  • What do you do with the results of an employee’s COVID-19 test or vaccine documentation?
  • If an employee successfully performed remotely, must you grant his accommodation request for permanent telework?
  • Should you review all of the reasonable accommodations offered before employees return to the workplace?
  • What should agencies be doing with all those requests for vaccine exemptions?

May 18: Managing Return-to-the-Workplace Conduct Challenges

Many Federal employees are eager to return to the physical workplace. However, it’s important to remember that there are just as many employees, if not more, who are comfortable in their current remote work situation, and do not look forward to a return. There are likely numerous other employees who continue to carry a chip on their shoulder about how the pandemic was handled. In this 60-minute webinar, FELTG President Deborah Hopkins will address how to handle some of the conduct challenges you’re likely to face. She’ll provide answers to numerous questions, including:

  • Is failure to comply with a COVID-19 screening test or mask requirement a performance or conduct issue?
  • Where do things stand with the vaccine requirement?
  • What actions can you take against employees who refuse to return to the workplace?
  • If an employee is AWOL, what options does your agency have?
  • Can you discipline someone for publicly sharing their personal opinions about COVID restrictions?

This series meets the President’s mandate to provide training on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in the Federal workplace.


  • Early Bird Tuition: $290 per site, per session (payment made by April 25).
  • Standard Tuition: $320 per site, per session (payment made April 26 or later).
  • Register for all three webinars by April 25 and pay only $830.

Teleworkers may be added to a main site registration for $50 per webinar per teleworker, on a space-available basis.

Cancellation and No-show Policy for Registered Participants: Cancellations made after the cancel date on the registration form will not be refunded or given credit toward future courses. Pre-paid training using the “Pay Now” option will not be refunded or given credit toward future courses. No-shows will not be refunded or given credit toward future courses.

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