January 21, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm America/New York Timezone
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Barbara Haga

Three Part Course Description

FMLA has changed the nature of how federal agencies deal with employees who have serious health conditions. Even though the law has been around for over 20 years, there are still significant numbers of questions about certain aspects of the law and OPM’s regulations – particularly regarding the differences between the provisions that relate to federal employees, which notice requirements are enforceable, what a medical certification should contain, and what rights a federal employee has to challenge a FMLA determination.

If you need to understand FMLA from A to Z in order to advise employees about their rights, assist managers in responding to FMLA issues, or to ensure that your adverse action case will withstand the scrutiny of the MSPB, then this webinar series is exactly what you’re looking for. Join FELTG instructor Barbara Haga for the special event Understanding the Family & Medical Leave Act: What Practitioners Need to Know. Register for any or all of the sessions and learn the detailed information on the areas that are most commonly the source of questions regarding this complex form of leave.

Session 1, January 21 – Family & Medical Leave Act, Part I

  •      Basic entitlement
  •      Eligibility to use FMLA time off
  •      Family member coverage
  •      FMLA “appeal” rights
  •      Serious health condition

Session 2, February 11 – Family & Medical Leave Act, Part II

  •    Invoking FMLA
  •    Notice requirements
  •    Intermittent use of FMLA – certification and recertification
  •    Medical certification – what is required and when medical certification has been found to be insufficient

Session 3, March 10 – Family & Medical Leave Act, Part III

  •    Substitution of paid leave for FMLA LWOP
  •    Understanding OPM sick leave requirements and how they fit with substitution for family care
  •    Discipline and FMLA – excessive absence, falsified information, failure to comply with notice requirements, last chance agreements
  •    FMLA and other actions – performance-based, indefinite suspension, RIF and furlough

Plus, as always, you’ll have the chance to ask your questions, and get them answered in real time, during each of these 90-minute sessions.


$270 per site per session, or register for the entire series by January 19 for only $780.

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