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Sometimes, the news can't wait until our next FELTG Newsletter is published! Check out the latest news, case decisions and developments in the world of federal employment law below.

A Two-for-One Removal

By Deborah Hopkins, August 6, 2019 Here’s a scenario that came across the FELTG desk a few days ago: Dear FELTG, Let’s say, hypothetically, an agency has an employee who failed a PIP/demonstration period last week, and the agency is finishing up drafting his proposed...

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And Now Another Word With … Steve Shih

By Dan Gephart, July 30, 2019 Anyone who has ever attended a mediocre leadership training has surely heard the story of the Janitor and the President. Per the legend, President John F. Kennedy was touring NASA in the agency's early days when he came upon a man...

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Where Does It Say I Can Reprimand?

By William Wiley, originally published November 14, 2015; posted July 10, 2015 Questions, we get questions. And here’s one that goes to the fundamental nature of an agency’s authority to do anything: Dear Genius-Level Brains at FELTG- What is the Statutory or CFR...

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And Now a Word With … Steve Shih

By Dan Gephart, July 2, 2019 On Feb. 1, 2018, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched a workplace anti-harassment campaign. The campaign was based on the applicable federal laws, EEO guidance on anti-harassment, and the expertise of its creator -...

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And Now a Word With … James Abbott

By Dan Gephart, June 4, 2019 In a decision earlier this year, the Federal Labor Relation Authority, to the delight of labor relations practitioners government-wide, reaffirmed a seminal decision from 2018, emphasizing the statutory distinction between conditions of...

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Civil Service Status Update

By Deborah Hopkins, May 21, 2019 A lot has happened over the last few weeks as it pertains to the world of federal employment law. Here's a recap, in case you missed anything. MSPB: We finally have a third nominee for the MSPB. Chad Bungard was recently nominated by...

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