A Higher Standard: Disciplining Law Enforcement Officers for Misconduct


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The Federal workforce is full of talented and brave law enforcement personnel across many agencies. Yet, just as there is a small minority of misbehaving and toxic Federal workers, the same applies to Federal LEOs. In fact, a number of Federal LEOs have been suspended and others are being investigated as a result of their actions during the riot. And after reports of police officers being identified among the rioters, the promises to be deeper investigations into the infiltration of Federal and non-Federal officers affiliated with hate and white supremacy groups.

This creates a lot of questions regarding LEO conduct:

  • How do conduct standards for LEOs differ from other employees?
  • Are conduct standards for IG employees the same as other LEOs?
  • What kinds of conduct could cause an LEO to have a security clearance revoked?
  • When should an agency consider an indefinite suspensions and invoking the crime provision?
  • What proof does the agency need to provide if the employee appeals her removal?

Attorney and FELTG Instructor Ann Boehm will highlight the Douglas factors that are of specific importance when disciplining officers, explain the MSPB’s role when a security clearance is revoked, discuss Giglio  issues, and identify the pitfalls that agencies need to avoid when disciplining Federal LEOs. The framework provided will apply to all your agency’s discipline cases whether the conduct involves storming the Capitol, lack of candor, insubordination, and everything in between.




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