Avoid the Pitfalls of EEO Reprisal


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When a complaint is filed with your agency’s EEO office, it’s possible that something very wrong has happened. Yet, how agency officials respond to that complaint could go a long way toward not only resolving the complaint, but ensuring that you don’t make matters even worse than they are.

Too often, a supervisor or agency official’s response to an EEO complaint leads to a claim of reprisal. And more often than anyone should expect, that reprisal claim survives, even when it’s found that the original complaint’s discrimination allegations had no merit. Reprisal claims make up the bulk of EEO complaints, and it could get worse in the months ahead. The deep politicization of COVID-19 and pandemic fatigue have seeped into the workplace, fueling an increase in COVID-related reprisal.

Attorney Bob Woods explained the statutory basis for EEO reprisal, identified the pitfalls that lead to successful claims, and provided numerous examples from EEOC case law.

Attendees learned how to:

  • Identify the elements of a valid reprisal claim.
  • Understand why supervisors retaliate, and how to get them to stop.
  • Recognize per se reprisal claims.




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