Depositions and Hearings: What to Know if You’re a Witness in a Complaint or Appeal




At some point, it happens to the best of us: you receive notice that you’re named as a potential witness or a responding management official in an MSPB Appeal or EEO Complaint. Or maybe you’re a federal employee who has filed an appeal or complaint yourself, and you want to know what you should expect during the process.

Join FELTG for a special 90-minute event that answers all the questions you might have about being a witness in a federal employment law case. This live webinar will be presented by attorney at law Katherine Atkinson, a partner at Wilkenfeld, Herendeen & Atkinson in Washington, DC, who heads up the firm’s federal sector litigation team.

After an explanation on how the MSPB and EEOC forums work, she’ll discuss:

  • A timeline of what to expect after you’re named in a complaint or appeal
  • The difference between providing deposition testimony and testimony at hearing
  • Types of interview questions – and the best way to answer them
  • FAQs about the hearing process
  • Tips on being an effective witness

This is a session that agency employees and supervisors of all levels shouldn’t miss.




Katherine Atkinson

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