Drawing the Line: Union Representation or Misconduct


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Robust. Uninhibited. Wide-open. These are words the U.S. Supreme Court used to describe the type of debate by union officials that is considered “protected activity.” But how robust, uninhibited or wide open? And when? Those are the questions that Ann Boehm will answer during this training.

There are many tales of profanity, shouting, rough speech, and bullying taking place between union reps when performing representational duties — and not just during negotiations. Ms. Boehm shares several cases that highlight robust activity that were considered “protected activity” and provides details of a recent FLRA decision that illustrates behavior that very clearly crossed the line.

Learning takeaways:

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Recognize when a union representative’s behavior is outside the bounds of protected activity.
  • Effectively respond when union officials’ behavior turns threatening.
  • Use the disciplinary framework and Douglas factors to determine appropriate penalty.




Ann Boehm

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