Effectively Handling Security Clearance Suspensions and Revocations


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Executive Order 12968.  The Adjudicative Guidelines.  Department of Navy v. Egan.

If these things sound familiar to you, you probably work for an agency that has employees with security clearances – and as a result, handles security clearance revocations. If a federal employee is required to have access to classified information, then he must be eligible for a security clearance in order to keep that position.

What happens when that employee no longer has that clearance? What role does the MSPB play? What proof does the agency need to provide if the employee appeals her removal? What are the pitfalls that agencies need to avoid?

Join Ann Boehm for a 60-minute webinar that will cover how to handle a security clearance revocation and any resulting indefinite suspension or removal from employment. Ms. Boehm spent 26 years as a government attorney, focusing primarily on employment and labor law in federal enforcement agencies, so she’s just the person to answer any questions you might have – and she’ll do so in this live event.

This is an important topic that can’t be ignored. Employee security clearances are a matter of national security, and they must be handled appropriately.





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