Enjoined No More: What the Latest Decision on President Trump’s EOs Means for Today – And Tomorrow



The drama continues.

President Trump issued three Executive Orders last year aimed at curtailing union activity and increasing supervisors’ ability to hold employees accountable for misconduct and shoddy performance. Three months later, several provisions of those Executive Orders were set aside as illegal, per a D.C. District Court judge decision.

And now, almost a year since the District Court decision, its ruling has been overturned by an Appeals Court. The Executive Orders are no longer enjoined.

If you think this all seems confusing, you’re not alone. As always, you can count on FELTG to help you through these confusing times. Join FELTG President and Attorney at Law Deborah Hopkins and Joseph Schimansky, former Executive Director of the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP), for a 60-minute discussion about the most important takeaways from this decision. They will explain the key provisions of the Executive Orders, and spell out  exactly your agencies can, cannot, and should do under these EOs.

You’ll leave this important webinar with answers to the the 6 Ws:

  • Who is impacted by the latest decision?
  • What did the District and Appeals Courts actually decide?
  • Why did the courts make those decisions?
  • Where will the next challenge to the Executive Orders take place?
  • When will this all finally be resolved?
  • What does this mean for us today?

You can’t afford to miss this session. Register your site now.




Deborah Hopkins and Joe Schimansky

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