Got Nexus? Accountability for Off-duty Conduct


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The borderline between on-duty and off-duty became blurred as of late with the omnipresence of social and media and many employees working from home. Yet, one thing has remained clear and constant: If you’re going to discipline someone for what they do on their own time, you need to show a nexus between the employee’s actions and their Federal job. FELTG Instructor Robert Woods will help you untangle your most challenging off-duty misconduct scenarios and illustrate the situations where the conduct is so egregious as to create a rebuttable presumption of nexus.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate nexus between the off-duty conduct and the efficiency of the service.
  • Understand how Douglas Factor Eight: Notoriety and Agency Reputation can create nexus.
  • Select an effective and defensible penalty for off-duty conduct.




Bob Woods

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