Navigating the World of Mixed Cases: MSPB or EEOC?




Navigating the morass of a mixed case in federal sector employment law can be a confusing task. That’s why FELTG is here to help. Start 2017 off right by joining William Wiley as he untangles this often-complicated area when MSPB and EEOC both have potential jurisdiction over a case.

Mr. Wiley will begin by explaining what exactly a mixed case is comprised of, and will then discuss standing and procedural options for processing these cases. From there he’ll cover:

  • Appellate review of mixed cases
  • The role of the Special Panel
  • What to do if a mixed case ends up on your desk

Now’s your chance to learn about a topic that every practitioner needs to know more about. We hope you’ll join us!




William Wiley

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