The Court Speaks: How a District Court Decision Impacts the May 25 Executive Orders




You’ve probably heard about the new Executive Orders, issued May 25, that significantly changed the civil service protections that have been in place for nearly four decades. You’ve probably also heard about the federal court decision on August 24, issued by D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Jackson, that declared several provisions of those Executive Orders to be invalid.

So, as of today, what exactly are agencies and unions required to do under these Executive Orders, and what are they no longer allowed to do? The times are changing so fast, it can be a real challenge to keep up with the world of federal employment and labor law. But don’t worry, FELTG is here to help. Join William Wiley, attorney at law, for a 60-minute discussion about the most important takeaways from this 120 page legal decision.

Topics include:

  • What the court said about agencies imposing a 25 percent cap on the use of official time, and the status of taxpayer-funded union time
  • Whether agencies are allowed to charge union to rent space and equipment
  • Whether union employees are allowed to take performance ratings or removals before an arbitrator
  • Whether the court agreed that 30-day PIPs can be imposed on all agency employees
  • The brand-new, never-seen-before requirement for “flexibility” in bargaining
  • And much more!




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