The Fallout: What You Can Learn from Remanded Trump-era FLRA Decisions




There have been at least six cases, so far, remanded to the FLRA by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals during the Trump era, although more may be in the works. What are these cases? How should this change your approach to working with the bargaining unit? And what can we expect in the near future from the FLRA?

During this 60-minute presentation, Joseph Schimansky, former Executive Director of the Federal Service Impasses Panel, will answer all of these questions as he dives into the cases, which involve topics ranging from negotiability of union proposals to breach of a collective bargaining agreement. Find out why the D.C. Circuit remanded two recent ULP cases.
Attendees will learn:
  • How, on remand, the FLRA handled the Court’s rejection of its distinction between conditions of employment and working conditions
  • Why the Court could overturn an FLRA decision involving an arbitration award when such cases are generally unreviewable
  • The current status of the negotiability of union proposals concerning the number of days per week employees can telework




Joe Schimansky

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