Think Before You Meet: Identifying Weingarten and Formal Discussions with Union Employees


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Few people love meetings, but we all know they are sometimes necessary. However, not all meetings are the same. And, in fact, some meetings can get you in trouble, despite your good intentions. FELTG instructor Joe Schimansky, former Executive Director of the Federal Service Impasses Panel, will identify and discuss when the law requires you to provide the union an opportunity to be involved in discussions. Learn when meetings become formal discussions or Weingarten meetings, and what to do when an employee requests union representation.

Mr. Schimansky will explain:

  • The union’s rights and responsibilities when it comes to meetings
  • What is required for a meeting to be considered a formal discussion
  • What a union rep can and cannot do during a formal discussion
  • What constitutes a reasonable belief that discipline may occur

This webinar will also include the most updated information related to President Trump’s May 2018 Executive Orders on federal labor unions. If you have union employees, this is a session you won’t want to miss.




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