Tools for Accountability, Part I: Effective Performance Plans


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There is a lot of confusion about where the authority comes from to hold employees accountable for many things related to their positions. Position descriptions, performance plans, conduct standards, as well as requirements for training and licenses/certifications all fit into this scheme.

This two-part series will help you navigate which tool works best for building in the accountability that your agency should demand. In Part I, the focus will be on establishing effective performance elements and standards.  This workshop will include detailed on guidance on writing measures that are understandable and workable as well as defensible.

FELTG Senior Instructor Barbara Haga will explain requirements for establishing various kinds of elements as well as writing standards that measure what is truly important about an employee’s performance.  This workshop will include discussion of important MSPB cases about the content of standards.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify what critical elements and performance standards are intended to cover
  • Craft workable standards that managers can explain and can effectively measure the key things regarding an employee’s performance
  • Understand concepts from MSPB case law that explain how to write standards which will withstand scrutiny in grievances and appeals




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