Watch Your Words: Drafting Defensible Charges in Misconduct Cases


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If you’ve attended a FELTG training or have read our newsletters, you know how important we believe word selection is in framing charges of employee misconduct. FELTG President William Wiley, attorney at law, will conduct a 90-minute webinar discussing best practices for drafting disciplinary documents that will withstand even the harshest scrutiny by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) or an arbitrator.

After the proper statutory foundation is laid, this program will cover:

  • The four mandatory rules of charging
  • The three styles of charging
  • Charge specifications and label elements
  • Why less is more in proposal and decision letters
  • Specific words to use – and avoid – in drafting charging documents

Whether you’re new to drafting disciplinary documents, or you’ve been doing it for years, your work will be more efficient, professional, and defensible if you participate in this program.




William Wiley

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