What You Need to Know about the New Executive Orders: A Discussion on Changes in the Accountability Processes and Federal Union Rights




Unless you’ve just returned from a remote island with no connection to the rest of the world, you’ve probably heard about the new Executive Orders, issued May 25, that are purported to significantly change the civil service protections that have been in place for nearly four decades.

Some changes are small, but others radically alter the status quo. Now is the time for federal attorneys, HR and LER specialists, union reps, and federal supervisors, to tune in and see exactly what these changes will mean in your day-to-day life. Join FELTG President William Wiley and Executive Director Deborah Hopkins, attorneys at law, for this 60-minute discussion about the most important takeaways from the new Executive Orders.

Topics include:

  • Changes in the performance opportunity period timeline
  • Modifications to Douglas, including comparator penalties
  • The undoing of progressive discipline
  • Restrictions on official time for union activity
  • What rights – if any – unions have any more

You won’t want to miss this important session.




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