When Contractors File EEO Complaints: Questions and Answers for Federal Agencies




If a contractor files an EEO complaint against your agency, is your agency liable? Don’t say “No” quite so quickly. The federal-sector EEO process is not exclusively limited to civil service employees; in certain cases contractors under agency supervision can file EEO complaints if the agency is determined to be a “joint employer.”

Join FELTG instructor Katherine Atkinson as she takes you through the steps you need to determine whether your agency passes the joint employer test. After covering the substantive law, she’ll discuss:

  • The Ma v. HHS case and the resulting Ma factors
  • How the Ma test should be applied in your agency
  • Roles and responsibilities of agency personnel when contractors start the EEO process
  • Defenses to the “joint employer” allegation
  • Common questions and answers that arise from agencies dealing with contractors




Katherine Atkinson

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