When Employees are Absent: Sick Leave, FMLA, and Paid Parental Leave: Part 2: FMLA and Employee Paid Leave Act


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Managing the uncertainty and increased workload when employees are absent has always been a challenge for federal HR professionals, Employee Relations specialists, and supervisors. Absence doesn’t just occur when an employee is sick. Federal employees enjoy a host of leave-related entitlements, including a large swath of leave tied to family member medical conditions, including sick leave and FMLA. With FMLA, the employee may substitute paid leave, and now with the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act, employees have another type of leave to cover birth and placement. It can all seem quite confusing, but FELTG is here to help.

FELTG Senior Instructor Barbara Haga will provide you with the tools and knowledge to answer the toughest questions on all of these entitlements, and she’ll explain how they overlap. Attendees will learn the necessary steps to ensure that a grievance or adverse action case that arises out of these leave determinations will withstand the scrutiny of the MSPB.

Part 2: FMLA and Employee Paid Leave Act                             

The Family & Medical Leave Act adds an additional layer of complexity to illness-related absences. Though it’s more than 25 years old, the FMLA still causes significant confusion for agency professionals. To complicate matters, the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act adds a new layer of regulations and a new type of leave to be substituted. Barbara Haga knows the FMLA inside out, and she will share her knowledge with you from basic requirements to FMLA-related discipline, such as excessive absence, falsified information, and failure to comply with notice requirements. And she’ll discuss the impact of the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Understand the fine points of FMLA coverage, eligibility, and use for family care
  • Identify what FMLA medical certifications should contain
  • Recognize when an employee is eligible to substitute leave under the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act




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