When Negotiations Reach Impasse: FSIP Under the Biden Administration


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Oftentimes when bargaining, parties simply can’t agree and they reach an impasse. During the previous administration, those impasses resulted in an unprecedented number of decisions in which the Federal Service Impasses Panel imposed terms on the parties.

In this 60-minute webinar, former FSIP Executive Director Joe Schimansky will present the historical timelines for replacing FSIP Members when a new administration takes power, explain the impasse process in light of President Biden’s directive to agencies to renegotiate their CBAs, provide tips on how to avoid impasse, share his views regarding how a Biden FSIP is likely to differ from the previous administration, and discuss the legal issues surrounding the unions’ current challenges to a president’s right to appoint FSIP Members without Senate confirmation.

Attendees will learn:

  • How the Biden Administration’s approach to impasse resolution is likely to differ from the approach of the previous administration
  • The major issues in litigation that may delay the appointment of new FSIP Members
  • How the FSIP determines whether the parties have met the basic requirements for securing its assistance





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