Writing Final Agency Decisions


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As Federal EEO practitioners know, FAD is short for Final Agency Decision. But the word “Final” is often misleading. A FAD is appealable, by the complainant, to the EEOC. And many employees will take advantage of that opportunity to appeal the agency’s decision.

EEOC decisions are littered with reversals of agency’s FADs finding no discrimination. An employee has that right to appeal and you cannot interfere with that. However, you can ensure that your FADs are written in a way that withstands scrutiny by the EEOC, and it starts with knowing and understanding discrimination law, as applied to the Federal workplace.

Over two half-days, Attorney Katherine Atkinson will present you with everything you need to know to write an effective FAD, including identifying and avoiding the pitfalls that often lead to the EEOC reversals.

Those who attend this 5 hour and 35-minute webinar, will learn:

  • Applying Theories of Discrimination: EEO Law Overview; Intentional Discrimination; Disparate Impact; Hostile Work Environment; Reasonable Accommodation; Retaliation; overlapping forms of discrimination.
  • Writing the Report: Timeliness Issues; Effective Legal Writing: structure and language; FAD Legal Sufficiency; deconstruction exercise.


08/23/21 – 08/24/21


Katherine Atkinson

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