Training Course Spotlight: Employee Training

The Civil Civil Servant: Protections, Performance and Conduct

Onsite Training Program (1/2 – 1 day)


Thanks to the exceedingly long and frustrating federal hiring process, you’ve already invested a lot in your new employee before he or she even shows up for that first day of work. You don’t want to lose that investment, which is why a comprehensive onboarding process is so important to agency success. And why FELTG’s one-day Civil Civil Servant training should be a part of that onboarding process.

If the new employee is also new to the federal workplace, he or she has a lot to learn. A lot of what former private sector and first-time employees think they know about the federal workplace are myths. And the rest is mystery. That’s where Civil Civil Servant steps in.

FELTG’s expert instructors will explain merit system principles, as well as EEO, whistleblower, and retaliation protections. The first two hours of Civil Civil Servant meet all the requirements for the mandatory No FEAR Act training for new employees.

We’ll also explain to employees that yes, they can be fired for misconduct and performance and that they do have to abide by supervisors’ rules. We’ll detail what will happen if their performance becomes an issue, and educate them on the various elements of discipline. FELTG’s Civil Civil Servant also covers personal liability, crimes, and administrative sanctions.

Attendees will leave with a full understanding of their rights and responsibilities as federal employees. They will likely be more engaged and effective employees, and less likely to cause their supervisors or HR offices the time- and energy-consuming drama that is not only costly, but serves as a roadblock to agency mission.

Protect and grow your investment by making Civil Civil Servant a part of your onboarding program.


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