Labor Relations Training Courses

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Attorneys, L/ER specialists, union representatives and arbitrators have a lot they need to understand about the current and pending policy changes with permissive bargaining in federal labor unions. FELTG courses to help the practitioner safely – and legally- navigate this complex terrain while providing fundamental understanding and practical application to the daily requirements of those employed in this field.


LR-1: Fundamentals of Federal Labor Relations: Nuts & Bolts (1-2 days)

Course Topics: An overview of the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute; the Federal labor Relations Authority (FLRA); fundamental employee, union, and management rights; Weingarten meetings; a bargaining unit employee’s right to be represented by the union in certain meetings.


LR-2: Handling Grievances & Arbitration (1 day)

Course Topics: Invoking arbitration under the collective bargaining agreement; the arbitration process; selecting an arbitrator; rules of evidence; how government arbitration is different from private sector arbitration; educating the arbitrator.


LR-3: Navigating Negotiability Issues (1 day)

Course Topics: FLRA process and procedures; intersection of grievances, MSPB appeals, and EEO complaints; what subjects must be bargained; what subjects may and may not be bargained; impact and implementation bargaining; bringing the bargaining process to closure.


LR-4: Effective Negotiation Techniques & Strategies (1-2 days)

Course Topics: Management rights; negotiating impact and implementation; difficult bargaining topics; management-union relationships; word choices; choosing your battles.


LR-5: Labor Relations Meetings, Official Time & ULPs (1 day)

Course Topics: Agency obligations; Weingarten and Brookhaven meetings; formal discussions; official time – what is covered by law and what is bargained; unfair labor practices (ULP) procedures; common legal missteps; practical strategies.


LR-6: Legal Writing Skills for LR Practitioners (1 day)

Course Topics: Legal writing overview; writing a Memorandum of Understanding; pre-ULP writing considerations; drafting arguments under contract interpretation; persuasive legal writing.


Upcoming Labor Relations Training Events

Webinar – Understanding and Working With Your Agency’s OIG
Jun 6 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

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Jim Protin

Course Description

Your agency’s Office of Inspector General employs investigators, auditors, evaluators, and, sometimes, armed special agents. Its mission is to prevent and detect waste, fraud, and abuse, and promote economy, effectiveness, and efficiency of Agency operations, and it does that by investigating potential violations of law or misconduct and auditing or evaluating the agency’s operations and systems.

If it sounds like your OIG’s mission may overlap or interconnect with your office’s mission, you’re right. So it’s important that you not only have a clear picture of what the OIG does, but also how to work with them. Jim Protin, whose 30-year federal career included several positions in the National Security Agency’s Office of Inspector General, will explain both.

In this 90-minute webinar, Mr. Protin will review how the IG’s statutory authority was created, how it has developed, and what it means to you that the OIG is “independent.”

Attendees will learn:

  • The various types, purposes, and qualifications of Inspector Generals.
  • The agency information that the OIG has access to, and any limitations it has on that information.
  • What triggers responsibility for you to notify the OIG of something.
  • How the OIG reports its findings.
  • The situations in which the OIG will work directly interact with the agency.


Early Bird Tuition: $275 per site (payment required by May 27)

Standard Tuition: $305 per site (for payments made May 28 or later)

Teleworkers may be added to a main site registration for $35 each, if space is available.

Webinar – 50 Shades of Reprisal: Whistleblower, EEO, Union & Veteran Reprisal
Jun 13 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

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Deborah Hopkins

Course Description

Reprisal is a term that gets used a lot, but did you know that it has different definitions in different cases? If you join FELTG President Deborah Hopkins during this 90-minute webinar to find out exactly where the differences lie, you just might save your agency from losing a reprisal case.

During this interactive discussion, Ms. Hopkins will explain the legal background on the various forms of reprisal and why it’s such an important area of focus in federal employee statutory protection. From there, she will talk about:

  • Whistleblower reprisal: the standards, burden of proof, and actions that constitute reprisal
  • The many forms of EEO reprisal and why it’s the most common category in discrimination findings
  • Reprisal for union activity, including what type of activity falls outside the bounds of coverage
  • What is legal and not legal when considering someone’s veteran status in making employment-related decisions
  • The distinction between reprisal and retaliation

This is an event you won’t want to miss, whether you’re an attorney, LER specialist, EEO specialist, union official or supervisor. We hope you’ll join us.


Early Bird Tuition: $275 per site (registration submitted by June 3)

Standard Tuition: $305 per site (registration submitted June 4 or later)

Teleworkers may be added to a main site registration for $35 each, on a space-available basis.

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