Leadership Training Courses

Leadership isn’t the same thing as supervising. This special selection of classes specifically focuses on leadership development to empower your agency’s all-stars to generate results to help fulfill your organization’s mission.



LD-1: Effectively Managing and Communicating with Employees (1-2 days)

Course Topics: Managing vs. leading; identifying and honing your supervisory skills; managing difficult employee personality types; managing a multigenerational workforce; managing a mobile workforce; using structured communication with your employees; conflict resolution skills; utilizing a team-based approach in the federal government.


LD-2: Mindset Matters: Making the Transition from Individual Contributor to Supervisor (1 day)

Course Topics: Assessing existing managerial knowledge, skills, behaviors, and confidence; understanding the art and science behind managing others; differentiating between a general mindset, positional mindset, and job-specific mindset; understanding the traits that directly correlate with the ability to accurately assess performance; create a personal development strategy to transition to supervision.

LD-3: Leadership Deep Dive (1-2 days)

Course Topics: Equipping individuals at all levels with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and confidence to lead with excellence; research-inspired best-practices and a practice-driven approach to increasing leadership effectiveness; self-assessments; an easy-to-remember framework for managing conversations with employees; strategies for cultivating high-performing teams; recommendations to increase your influence within your agency; four content areas (Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Teams, Leading the Agency) that can be emphasized and focused on the needs of group in attendance.

LD-4: The High-Performing Team (1 day)

Course Topics: This is an interactive, full-day learning experience based upon Social Styles, an industry-tested assessment that helps leaders leverage individual personality types and strengths to promote accurate communication, diminish unhealthy conflict, and increase individual and collective performance. Social Styles is driven by the premise that diverse teams are better teams. The High- Performing Team examines the neuroscience behind peak performance, explores the composition of teams of excellence, offers strategies to understand and negotiate individual differences, and equips leaders to align team goals with those of the agency.

Offered by nationally-recognized leadership scholar and trainer Dr. Anthony J. Marchese, The High- Performing Team includes assessments, relevant articles and videos, real-life simulations, and practical suggestions for ongoing sustainability.

LD-5: Performing by Design: Using Strengthsfinder to Transform Your Team (1 day)

Course TopicsPerforming by Design harnesses the power of the internationally celebrated Strengthsfinder assessment tool and newly-released book, Design: An Owner’s Manual for Learning, Living, and Leading with Purpose to help leaders and their teams cultivate a culture of performance shaped by respect for differences, leveraging strengths to drive results, healthy handling of conflict, and targeted strategies for individual/team achievement. Mentored by the creator of the Strengths movement, nationally-recognized leadership scholar and trainer Dr. Anthony J. Marchese will guide you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, engaging group exercises, personal development strategies, and a team analysis to leverage the best in others to achieve results. Consider the immense possibilities for your own team when thinking is shifted away from fixating upon deficiencies alone and instead capitalizing upon what is right. Instead of becoming adequate at much and excellent at nothing, use this experience to transform your own worldview (and that of your team) to make the investment of a lifetime by channeling energies in those areas with the greater opportunity for a rich return- Your Design, Your Strengths. Prepare to think, laugh, practice, and plan as you participate in Performing by Design. Research in strengths reveals that those who function according to their Design (using strengths on a regular basis while at work) report greater satisfaction with their jobs, exemplify increased creativity, stay longer, and report being fully engaged.

Upcoming Training Events

Webinar – Employee Sexual Misconduct: Discipline Early to Make Your Agency a Safer Place
Jun 27 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

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Deborah Hopkins

Course Description


In 2017, an MSPB survey revealed that more than 20 percent of female federal employees were sexually harassed in the workplace between 2014 and 2016. There has been a lot of talk about the need for training on this important topic. But now it’s time for action.

Let FELTG help you take that action. Join us for the 90-minute webinar Employee Sexual Misconduct: Discipline Early to Make Your Agency a Safer Place. FELTG President Deborah Hopkins, attorney at law, will show you how to address sexual harassment in the federal government as MISCONDUCT — not just as an EEO issue.

We’ll discuss the foundational law and how sexual harassment cases come to be, but our emphasis will be on STOPPING it from happening by addressing the misconduct before it becomes a problem. Case examples will show you the best ways to handle inappropriate sexual conduct from employees and supervisors – and things to avoid. We hope you’ll be able to attend this important discussion.


Early Bird Tuition: $275 per site (payment required by June 17)

Standard Tuition: $305 per site (for payments made June 18 or later)

Teleworkers may be added to a main site registration for $35 each, if space is available.

Webinar Series – Supervising Federal Employees: Managing Accountability and Defending Your Actions
Jul 9 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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Deborah Hopkins, Barbara Haga, Meghan Droste, Ann Boehm

Course Description


Back by popular demand, and updated for 2019! Join FELTG for the most comprehensive supervisory training event available anywhere. Supervising Federal Employees: Managing Accountability and Defending Your Actions, a 13-part webinar training series (with a bonus session for those who supervise unionized employees), is targeted specifically to the issues and challenges faced by supervisors in agencies across the country, and around the world.

These 60-minute sessions, held every other Tuesday from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. eastern time, will expand upon legal principles to provide federal supervisors with the necessary tools and best practices they need to manage the agency workplace effectively and efficiently. Plus, they’ll have a chance to ask questions and get answers – in real time.

As a special bonus, the first six modules fulfill OPM’s mandatory training requirements for new supervisors found at 5 CFR 412.202(b).

2019 dates:

March 5: Accountability for Performance and Conduct: The Foundation: The distinction between performance and conduct; an overview on holding employees accountable; setting the stage for discipline and performance actions.

March 19: Disciplining Employees for Misconduct, Part I: The five elements of discipline in the federal government; documentation supervisors need to succeed in a disciplinary action. 

April 2: Disciplining Employees for Misconduct, Part II: Disciplinary procedures: reprimand, suspension, termination; appeals process; agency liability. 

April 16: Writing Effective Performance Plans: Performance management; understanding the system; defining elements and standards; creating the performance plan.

April 30: Preparing an Unacceptable Performance Case: Performance in a nutshell; preparing a performance case; proof and evidence standards.

May 14: Dealing with Poor Performing Employees: Managing the PIP; proposed removal letters; unacceptable performance documents. 

May 28: Mentoring a Multigenerational Workforce: What OPM says about mentorship; mentorship styles; formal and informal mentorship; pilot mentorship programs; best practices for leadership; handling difficult employee types. 

June 11: Tackling Leave Issues I: Handling the leave issues most common in the federal government: annual leave, sick leave, leave transfer. 

June 25: Tackling Leave Issues II: Handling more complicated leave scenarios: FMLA, LWOP, administrative leave, AWOL. 

July 9: Disability Accommodation in 60 Minutes: Defining a disability; requests for accommodation; the interactive process; accommodations of choice; undue hardship. 

July 23: Intentional EEO Discrimination: What supervisors should know about EEO discrimination; discrete acts of discrimination; selection and promotion cases; defending against claims of intentional discrimination. 

August 6: Combating Against Hostile Work Environment Harassment Claims: The elements of a hostile work environment; liability in hostile work environment claims; tangible employment actions; harassment v. bullying; supervisor responsibilities in harassment claims; agency defenses. 

August 20: EEO Reprisal: Handle It, Don’t Fear It: How reprisal is different than other EEO claims; what the complainant must show to establish reprisal; how a supervisor can defend against reprisal claims; what to do and what not to do when an employee engages in protected EEO activity. 

September 3: Supervising in a Unionized Environment: The right to be bargained with; forming a union; employee and union rights; ULPs. 


  • $225 per site, per session.
  • Teleworkers may be added to a primary site registration for $35 each, per session, on a space-available basis.
  • Special series discounts available through March 1. See registration form for details.

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