By William Wiley, August 2, 2017

You frequent readers of our newsletter know that here at FELTG we’ve been railing against OPM’s proposed rule regarding Notice Leave. That rule if implemented as drafted would require that federal supervisors retain federal employees in a work status after a decision has been made to fire them, except in the most unusual of situations, and only then after documenting the extensive consideration of other options and obtaining a variety of high level approvals. We argue that the rule should be rewritten to make it drop dead easy for managers to protect the federal workplace by removing fired employees from the worksite immediately, not several weeks after the decision to fire has been made.

Case in point: Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci. If you have been in a cave without wifi for the past several days, you’ll need to Google his name to find out what happened to this former federal employee. The bottom line is that, according to news reports, his supervisor decided that Mr. Scaramucci had engaged in conduct inconsistent with an efficient government, and relieved him of his duties. Hey, when there are 2.2 million workers, they can’t all be great like you and me.

Well, just think what the situation would be like if Mr. Scaramucci had been a career employee in whatever agency you work, instead of being employed at the White House. After making the decision to fire him, his supervisor would have had to find government work for Mr. Scaramucci to perform for a month because he does not fall into any of the categories of employees  that are covered by OPM’s proposed Notice Leave rule. He does not a) propose a threat, b) appear to need to destroy evidence, or c) seem inclined to destroy government property. According to OPM, employees like Mr. Scaramucci who’s removal has been decided should be retained in a work status so that the agency “can continue to benefit from the employee’s skillset and abilities to further the agency’s mission.” (swear-to-god, they say that).

So what would be Mr. Scaramucci’ s skillset from which the government can benefit? Well, my goodness, that gentleman does know how to turn a colorful phrase, doesn’t he. Perhaps we could ask him during this post-firing employment phase to provide comment to OPM regarding its proposed Notice Leave Rule. If so, in a wonderful New York accent, he might say something like:

“Are you [freaking] kidding me? What [d-bag] bureaucrat over there thinks this is a good idea? They should go [anatomically impossible essential function] themselves.”

You have minutes left (by August 14) to tell OPM what you think about the proposed rule. Please, for the sake of our great country, tell them.  Email [email protected].  When submitting comments via this email address, place this in the subject line:  RIN 3206-AN49: Proposed Rule Comments-Administrative Leave.  In the body of your message identify the section of the regulations on which you are providing comments. The proposed regulations can be found at

And if you choose to use some of that delightful New York language in memory of The Mooch, who could blame you? [email protected]

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