Ricky Rowe

Ricky Rowe


Ricky Rowe​ is a US Army Veteran. He began his federal career with the Department of Defense in 1988 and transitioned to the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1991. He has more 38 years of federal service. His most recent federal position was National EEO Manager where he provided Equal Employment Opportunity guidance, advice and assistance to more than 340,000 VA employees, including senior management officials, mid-level managers, and union partners.

Mr. Rowe began working in the Office of Resolution Management (ORM) in 1999. He held roles including EEO Counselor, EEO Investigator, Mediator, and EEO Manager. He conducted high profile administrative investigations and fact-findings and trained others on investigations and fact-findings. He also served as a Program Support Specialist, Lead Patient Service Assistant, Computer Assistant, Human Resources (HR) Assistant and HR. Mr. Rowe has been a Nationally Certified Trainer for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for 19 years, as well as a VHA trainer, mediator, and facilitator. He was the recipient of the Resolution Award for the Highest Formal Resolution Rate (formal EEO investigations) for the VA Office of Resolution Management in the Southeastern Operation in 2007 and 2008.


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