By William Wiley, September 20, 2018

Dear FELTG Nation-

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our super-secret internal sources report that the Senate Homeland Security Committee has advised the White House that it will not act on the nominations of the three new members of the US Merit Systems Protection Board before the end of the current session. That means that the nominations will be returned to the administration without a vote and the nomination process will have to begin all over with a new Senate in January.

Our FELTG unofficial account tells us that we are now up to about 1,300 pending appeals, ready to be issued, with back pay accruing every day. By next year, we will be in the 1,600s.

Add to this that the current remaining member, Acting Chairman Mark Robbins, turns into a political pumpkin at midnight on March 1. His term will expire, and he cannot be renewed or held over any more. Unless a miracle occurs in February, on that date, the Board will be without any members for the first time in history.

Any agency’s demise diminishes me, because I am involved in the civil service; and therefore, never send to know for whom the nomination folds; it folds for thee. [email protected]

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