April 2019 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

Don’t Make All Your Supervisors Do Push-ups

Have you ever read an EEOC decision where the remedy includes remedial training for the offending persons? Or, have you ever been required to attend training as a result of a finding of discrimination, even though you weren’t the responsible management official? (Like the military; everyone does push-ups if just one person screws up.) At FELTG we do plenty of remedial classroom training, and we always enjoy it, because we think everyone can use a refresher of the law as it pertains to discrimination in the federal workplace.

You may not know that in addition to the standard “everyone goes to training” after a discrimination finding against an agency, FELTG also has another option: Remedial Instruction. Our instructors come to you – or you can come to us – and will have a one-on-one conversation with the person who needs the training. Or, if you prefer, we can do a video training discussion, with no travel required. No matter the method of the one-on-one, we have found this approach to be extremely effective, because the conversation is frank and honest and can be focused on the specific topics needed for the person who is getting the training. Let us know if you’d like more information on this unique approach.

In the meantime, it’s on to the April 2019 Newsletter for more frank discussions on topics you might want to know about.

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When Per Se Violations Meet Eggshell Plaintiffs

By Meghan Droste, April 10, 2019 Happy spring, everyone! As the weather turns nicer, at least in theory, my spring teaching schedule is picking up. I just finished teaching part of FELTG’s Absence, Leave Abuse & Medical Issues Week here in DC. The last day of the...

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Fear the Mumps, Not the PIPs

By Dan Gephart, April 10, 2019 Guess who made a long visit to my alma mater this year? The Mumps. No, the obscure 1970s kitschy New York punk-pop band known for its outrageous live shows didn’t re-form for Temple University’s Spring Fling. I’m talking about the...

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Tips from the Other Side: April 2019

By Meghan Droste, April 10, 2019 This month’s tip regarding discovery comes from both my experience as an employee-side attorney and also from my previous life when I occasionally represented federal agencies. As anyone who has had to engage in discovery can tell you,...

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Hey, Deciding Officials: What Exactly Does Ex Parte Mean?

By Deborah Hopkins, April 10, 2019 In federal sector employment law, we often use terms of art that carry very specific meaning. These terms may vary from a typical dictionary definition, or even from a black-letter law definition. Examples include discipline, due...

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