August 2018 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

As perhaps the oldest person you know, I feel obligated to warn you of what will happen to you as you mature, and your facilities that served you so well when you were younger start to go downhill. The other day I was at one of those do-it-yourself car washes. I had finished washing my car and was vacuuming the carpets when I was approached by a woman who appeared to be slightly distressed. I couldn’t turn off the vacuum for fear of losing my quarters, but I heard her over the roar say, “Do you know where there’s a whisk broom?” I did not. However, I thought I could be helpful and I responded, “No, but if you’ll bring it over here, I’ll blow it out for you.” Her facial expression of distress turned to outright fear as she spun around and walked away as fast as I’ve seen anyone walk in a long time. My wife approached me as the woman hurried away past her and asked what I had said. When I told her that the lady asked me if there was a whisk broom, my Lovely Bride clarified things and said, “No, Honey. She asked if there was a rest room.”

Consider yourself warned

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Three Recommendations to the New Board

By William Wiley, August 15, 2018 Many of you in FELTG Nation are about to see something that has not previously occurred since your birth, and which is unlikely to happen again in your lifetime. Within the next couple of weeks, we in the United States of America are...

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Can Federal Employees Smoke Pot?

By Deborah Hopkins, August 15, 2018 I live in Washington, DC, and on any given day, I’ll smell the unique scent of marijuana several times as I go about my daily activities. During a 6 a.m. run – yep, there’s a strong hint of weed in the air as I run through my...

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CBA or not to CBA: What Controls in Settlement?

By Meghan Droste, August 15, 2018 Time for me to let you in on a little secret, readers — I have a bit of a formula for writing my monthly articles for you. I always start by looking at the most recent EEOC decisions; I pick one that looks interesting and I write an...

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Playing the Shame Game

By Dan Gephart, August 15, 2018 Imagine spending a beautiful summer day at the ballpark. You have great seats along the first base side. Foul balls routinely make their way towards you – four to be exact. The first three balls you pick up and immediately hand over to...

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Tips from the Other Side, Part 8

By Meghan Droste, August 15, 2018 A certain coffee and pastry chain that originated in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from which I also hail, advertises that America runs on its products.  While I imagine that a good chunk of the federal workforce is well...

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Is There Such Thing as a Triple-Negative?

By Deborah Hopkins, August 15, 2018 A few days ago I saw a news headline from a well-known legal resource that said, “Judge declines to dismiss suit against ban on transgender people in military” and I had to stop and re-read it a few times as I tried to figure out...

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The ‘New’ FLRA Is Making Big Changes

By William Wiley, August 15, 2018 New political appointees, new case decisions, new changes to the law. The answer to the questions below from an alert reader highlight one of the recent changes, in case you missed it: Good Morning FELTG, With the recent ruling by the...

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