February 2021 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

The Pendulum is On the Move

We’re exactly three weeks into a new administration, and to say that things have changed is an understatement. Regardless of where you fall on the political ideology spectrum, or how you feel about executive actions, the whiplash is real.

This edition of the newsletter highlights some of the significant changes that are occurring in the Federal government, as a result of a new president whose philosophy on just about everything, is diametrically opposed to the previous president’s. There is always a bit of shock when a new President takes over, more so when the governing political party changes. The shock seems more pronounced this time around. Perhaps there is more change than usual, or perhaps the memories of previous transitions have faded.

Regardless, it’s February and the new administration is charging ahead. Things are hopping at FELTG, especially as we incorporate the Biden Executive Orders into our training programs. See elsewhere in this newsletter for some of the upcoming highlights. Meanwhile, you’ll find articles on whether saying “All Lives Matter” creates a hostile work environment, what led to an EEO Director’s removal, and much more. 

Take care,

Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

Director of EE Oh No! When HR Practitioners Fail to Perform

By Barbara Haga, February 10, 2021 A case caught my eye earlier this week. I was reading through another newsletter focused on the Federal workplace and saw this headline: Air Force EEO Director Removed Following Investigation. Of course, I had to read that article....

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Don’t Abuse the Abuse of Process Dismissal

By Meghan Droste, February 10, 2021 Happy February, FELTG readers! Although a certain rodent recently predicted six more weeks of winter, I know I have already turned my thoughts to spring and the warm weather it will hopefully bring. I don’t need a groundhog to tell...

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Is Whistleblowing Different Under a Biden Administration?

By Deborah Hopkins, February 10, 2021 We have a new President in the White House, there’s something you may not have realized: He sees things differently than the last guy who occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At FELTG we try not to wade into the merits of politics;...

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