January 2021 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

We Are Better Than This

In the January 2020 FELTG Newsletter, I shared a photo of the U.S. Capitol that I had taken from atop the Washington Monument. It’s sad to think that only a year after I shared that photo, that same Washington Monument is closed, first because of a pandemic that’s raging across the globe and second, as we only recently learned, because of credible threats to the monument and the park’s resources and visitors. And that same Capitol building, the People’s House, was recently assailed by American citizens violently attempting to interfere with a democratic proceeding.

I’m not going to offer platitudes, or to give assurances about 2021 that I have no way of backing up. But I do believe we all want things to get better in this country, and around the world. Most of you are Federal employees. Every agency has a mission, and every employee has a role in helping to fulfill that mission. Perhaps one of the best ways to help our country move forward is to focus on doing our jobs to make government better, which will in turn make our country better.

At FELTG, we are working alongside you, providing relevant training and content. In this edition, we cover whether an agency can fire an employee who participated in the Capitol riot, mandating vaccines, tips for the upcoming transition, and much more.

Take care, and stay safe,


Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

FELTG is an SBA-Certified Woman Owned Small Business that is dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of the federal government’s accountability systems, and promoting a diverse and inclusive civil service by providing high-quality and engaging training to the individuals who serve our country.

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