June 2021 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

EEOC Guidance on Vaccine Requirements

I don’t want to add up how many times we’ve written about COVID-19 over the past 15 months. I know without asking that we’re all fatigued and ready for the pandemic’s end and a return to whatever “normal” will be. While the case numbers are going down overall, research indicates that infections, hospitalizations and death rates are still high among unvaccinated individuals, and those not previously infected.

The EEOC recently issued guidance for employers on vaccines, including whether employers are allowed to mandate employee vaccinations, and what to do if an employee requests an exemption for medical or religious reasons. This is an emerging issue, and as agencies finalize return to work plans, questions about vaccines will be at the forefront. So, on July 12 we’re hosting a 60-minute webinar that will answer all your most pressing questions: Vexing Vaccine Requirements: Responding to Requests for Exemptions. We hope you’ll join us.

In this month’s newsletter we cover topics including EEO reprisal, why some are still pushing for Schedule F, effective leadership, and more.

Take care,

Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

A Schedule F Look-alike Rears Its Ugly Head

By Deborah J. Hopkins, June 16, 2021 Just when we thought Schedule F was gone forever, a recent report Increasing Accountability in the Civil Service (from some of the same minds behind Schedule F) is once again pushing for Federal employment to be at-will. The good...

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EEOC’s Guidance for Vaccines and Returning to Work

By Meghan Droste, June 16, 2021 Happy almost-summer and Happy Pride Month FELTG readers! What a difference a year makes. This time last year, we were just a few months into the pandemic, with a return to “normal” not even close to being on the horizon for many of us....

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Position Descriptions and Performance Plans – Part II

By Barbara Haga, June 16, 2021 Last month, we began a discussion of the relationship between position descriptions and performance plans. We talked about the need for a solid foundation and looked at the various types of things position descriptions establish for...

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The Good News: You Can Be an Effective Leader! (Part 1)

By Ann Boehm, June 16, 2021 This article was inspired by a newsletter subscriber who read my article last month. I explained that during my very first Federal sector labor relations job, the workforce was evenly divided on who wanted to be represented by the union and...

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Return of the Inspector General

By Mike Rhoads, June 16, 2021 At the end of the previous administration “at least a dozen of the 38 presidentially appointed inspectors general” positions were left vacant. Now that the transition dust has settled and a new Presidential administration has taken hold,...

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Tips From the Other Side: Retaliation Is a Very Real Issue

By Meghan Droste, June 16, 2021 Have you ever secretly wanted to get revenge for something? Hoped that the coffee shop messes up the order of the person who cut in front of you?  Blamed something on your sibling — and getting them in trouble — as a way to get back at...

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Listen and Learn: How to Be an LGBTQ+ Ally in the Workplace

By Dan Gephart, June 16, 2021 On his first day in office, President Biden made diversity and equity a key initiative, and he made it clear that he expects the Federal workplace to lead the way. So it’s no surprise then that the first week of the Pride Month this year...

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