May 2021 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

A Topic We Wish We Didn’t Have to Teach

Not a day goes by that we don’t see reports of violence in our country, often in public places or the workplace. As the government moves toward reopening, it’s more important than ever that your agency’s supervisors, employees, and LEOs are aware of what steps to take – and not to take – in the unfortunate event that a coworker, visitor, or bystander threatens violence or engages in a violent action.

With that in mind, FELTG is offering a first-of-its-kind event on June 28: FELTG Town Hall: Handling Threats of Violence on the Federal Workforce. During this two-hour virtual seminar, our panel will discuss how to efficiently and effectively address threats of violence and violent actions taken in or near the Federal workplace, including de-escalation techniques and bystander intervention strategies. They’ll discuss warning signs, legal obligations and obstacles, what to do if substance use appears to be at issue, and the role of Federal law enforcement in managing a violent crisis. It’s something we hope you’ll never encounter, but if recent events at the U.S. Capitol, Fort Detrick, and the USCIS facility in Orlando (among too many others to mention) are any indication, we’d be remiss to not be prepared.

In this month’s newsletter we cover SES misconduct actions, what “pro-employee” means, and much more.

Take care,

Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

The Connections Between COVID-19 and Civil Rights

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Impact of COVID on Stress, Mental Health

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