October 2021 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

The Deadline is Approaching: Are You Ready?


In just days, most Federal employees will face a deadline for providing their agencies proof of COVID-19 vaccination. If we had to choose a theme for the past 19+ months, the word “unprecedented” would be high on the list. In addition to (still) facing pandemic-related challenges in fulfilling mission, while managing a larger-than-usual mobile workforce, agencies are inundated with requests for exemptions, questions about vaccine enforcement, and more.

On Wednesday, November 3, join instructor Katie Atkinson and me for a half-day virtual event where we tackle complicated scenarios and answer all your questions about the disciplinary, EEO, reasonable accommodation (religion and disability) and LR implications from Executive Order 14043, along with the most updated guidance from The White House, OPM, the EEOC, and more. Registration for The Exemption Proves the Rule: Reasonable Accommodation, Discipline, and the Vaccine Mandate is open, and group discounts are available.

This month, we tackle last chance agreements for those who refuse vaccination, as well as fixing the EEO process, setting expectations and much more.

Take care,

Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

The Federal EEO Process is Broken: Can We Help Fix It?

By Ann Boehm, October 20, 2021 I started working on Federal EEO cases in 1993. From the first case I handled, I thought the process was very odd and inefficient. You probably are aware of the process, but in case you aren’t, here it is: Informal complaint with...

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5 Suggestions for Hiring the Right Person

By Dan Gephart, October 20, 2021 Here at FELTG, we often get inquiries from HR professionals and supervisors wondering what they can do about their poor-performing and/or misbehaving employees. By the time someone seeks our guidance, the employee has already created...

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A Few Takeaways from the 2021 ‘Issues of Merit’

By FELTG Staff, October 20, 2021 A few weeks ago, the MSPB issued a report assessing, among other things, telework effectiveness and employee engagement. A few points to consider: Telework and employee engagement are closely related: 65 percent of Federal employees...

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