This is the last scheduled FELTG Flash of the year, and we here at FELTG Headquarters wanted to use the opportunity to thank all of you — our great attendees, customers, and readers — for making this past year so successful. Together we learned a lot, and we laughed quite a bit, too, as we set about making the government’s accountability systems more efficient.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t an interesting year.  More people ate Tide Pods than we had decisions from the MSPB. Now, we don’t know how many people actually ate Tide Pods, but based on the news coverage it appeared to be dozens. All it would have taken was one to outpace the MSPB, which issued zero decisions this past year.

Will that change in 2019? Will the Administration try to shut down the Board? What will happen with MERIT Act? What will EEOC priorities be in the coming year? What will become of President Trump’s Executive Orders?

Whatever happens, you can count on FELTG to be there. We are especially proud of our talented group of instructors, including Barbara Haga, Katherine Atkinson, Ricky Rowe, Meghan Droste, Anthony Marchese, Shana Palmieri, and those who joined the team in 2018 — Dwight Lewis, Ann Boehm, and Joe Schimansky. Former president Ernest Hadley will be doing training with us in 2019. And while we wish our outgoing president William Wiley a happy retirement, we’d like to point out that Bill is not really going away. You’ll see him at MSPB Law Week and other FELTG events throughout the year. It’s going to be a great year.

Before we turn the page on 2018, let’s take a quick look at the 10 most popular articles (based on number of reads and forwards) from the FELTG Newsletter in the past year.

Unless any major stories break before then, we will see you all again in the new year, where we will once again work together to help make the federal government a model workplace. Best wishes to all for a happy and successful 2019.

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