April 2023 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

Is It Possible to Be Both Pro-Management and Pro-Employee?


In the business of Federal employment law, practitioners are often categorized as either pro-management or pro-employee. But during a recent training session of our flagship class, UnCivil Servant, we had a discussion about how holding employees accountable for performance and conduct issues is not solely a pro-management position – it’s also pro-employee because it helps promote productivity and morale among the workforce employees who perform well and maintain appropriate workplace conduct. Employees appreciate when supervisors recognize meaningful differences in performance.


Don’t believe me? Check out any Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey from the past several years and you can verify the results. Taking performance and conduct actions is not just good for management – it’s good for employees too.


This month’s newsletter tackles workplace violence, EEO official time, settlement agreements, effective communication and categories of harassment.

Take care,


Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

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