August 2016 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

smileEvery now and then I’m reminded of some of the craziness that gets filed by appellants on appeal to MSPB. This one made me laugh out loud. Buried down deep in the routine detritus of a decision where the Board says it considered everything in making its decision in Jones v. HHS, DE-3330-14-0427-I-1 (2015)(NP), I noted the following line:

We have considered the remaining arguments raised by the appellant on review including, but not limited to, his analysis of “The Odyssey” by Homer.

Bet you never thought about attaching one of your college term papers your petition for review, did you?

And speaking of fun at the Board, a belated congratulations to all those Board employees who got an extra four hours of administrative leave earlier this year.  If I understand correctly, that was award to you (in the face of all those nasty Congressional concerns about the use of admin leave) not based on any increase in productivity, but because you reported how happy you are working at MSPB.  Just a thought, but perhaps next survey time, report that you are thrilled! Maybe get eight hours off with pay.

Love you guys-

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