March 2021 Federal Employment Law Training Group Newsletter

Announcing Emerging Issues in Federal Employment Law II

It’s that time of year when we officially announce the agenda for our annual Emerging Issues in Federal Employment Law virtual training event. The dates are April 27-30. Over 15 sessions, our talented instructors will cover the latest on the Biden Executive Orders and relevant OPM guidance, EEO-related COVID-19 issues, Paid Parental Leave, emotional support animals at work, microaggressions and bias in the workplace, and much more. Attend one session, or attend them all. Earn CLE and HRCI credits. Have fun while you learn. Early bird discounts are available.

As we contemplate a return to the physical classroom, we want to know what you think of virtual training, and what your agencies are saying about future travel. If you don’t mind participating in a brief 5-question anonymous survey on SurveyMonkey, it will help us plan the future with you in mind.

This month’s newsletter covers an important new decision undoing 40 years of PIPs precedent, how to not handle complaints of harassment, guidance for working with unions, and much more.

Take care,

Deborah J. Hopkins, FELTG President

EEOC Decision Details Everything a Manager Should NOT Do

By Meghan Droste, March 16, 2021 When I started writing this article, I was planning to make the headline something about not being an ostrich. This seemed like a somewhat amusing way to highlight one of the points from the case I’m bringing to you, Thomasina B. v....

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When is a Judge Not a Judge?

By William Wiley, March 16, 2021 Perhaps you’ve heard of this issue. In 2018, the US Supreme Court caused a bit of a civil service uproar when it held that a certain group of administrative law judges were “inferior officers of the United States.” That meant that each...

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And Now Another Word With … Scott Boehm

By Michael Rhoads, March 16, 2021 A goal without a plan is just a wish. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry There are many wishes I have for 2021, but the short list is: Lose a little weight. Take my wife and kids on a “road trip” vacation. So how can I make these dreams a...

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A Future of Dramatic Workplace Change is in the Cards

By Dan Gephart, March 16, 2021 A few years back, I read that a Topps 1973 Mike Schmidt rookie baseball card in mint condition could fetch $10,000. Like me, my Schmidt rookie card didn’t quite make it out of childhood in mint condition. Still, I optimistically took the...

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