By Dan Gephart, December 17, 2019

Before we put the wrap on 2019, all of us here at FELTG Headquarters want to thank all of you who make up what our Past President William Wiley dubbed “FELTG Nation” —  our great attendees, customers, and readers. It’s been quite a year as we all worked together to make the government’s accountability systems more efficient.

We couldn’t do what we do without our uber-talented group of instructors, including Barbara Haga, Katherine Atkinson, Ann Boehm, Meghan Droste, Dwight Lewis, Anthony Marchese, Shana Palmieri, Jim Protin, Ricky Rowe, and Joe Schimansky. And we can’t forget the continuing contributions of Bill Wiley and our other past president Ernie Hadley – two absolute legends in the field of federal employment law.

Unless any major stories break before then, we will see you all again in the new year. And it’s a big one for FELTG, as it marks our 20th year of federal employment law training. Meanwhile, we’re expecting Supreme Court decisions on age discrimination and gender stereotyping, both of which will have a major impact on the federal workplace, as will OPM’s regulations implementing President Trump’s executive orders. And we’ll continue to wait with our remaining ounce of patience for someone – anyone, actually – to fill the empty positions on the Merit Systems Protection Board.

For now, let’s take a look back at this year. Introducing the 10 most popular articles (based on the number of reads and forwards) from the FELTG Newsletter in 2019.

  1. Can an Agency Track Down a Former Employee and Discipline Him?
  2. Out of Control
  3. The Fed Who Farted on His Coworkers: The Case is Not Always What it Seems
  4. Cook-ing a Sick Employee
  5. Can You Fire a Federal Employee for Body Odor or Bad Hygiene?
  6. Deep-fried Cubicle Chicken, Naked Employees, and Unwritten Rules
  7. Legitimate Non-Discriminatory Reasons When Preselection is a Defense
  8. Cook, McCauley, and Savage: What if AWOL is Involved?
  9. Can You Fire a Federal Employee Who Accidentally Eats a Pot Brownie?
  10. Excessive Absence and the Third Cook Factor

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and a successful 2020 for all!

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