By Dan Gephart, July 15, 2020

If your favorite summer conference is not being held on-site, and you still have training funds, we hope you’ll register for Federal Workplace 2020: Accountability, Challenges, and Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s hard to believe, but some virtual conferences require attendees to register for the full event even if you’re only planning on attending a few sessions. This doesn’t seem like a wise way to spend your agency’s money.  Federal Workplace 2020: Accountability, Challenges, and Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemicallows you to register and pay for only the sessions you want to attend.
  2. And, speaking of sessions, we have some timely sessions from which to choose. All are updated with the latest information and guidance, especially as they apply to the current pandemic. There are sessions on performance and conduct challenges during a pandemic, EEO trends in the COVID-19 world, the latest on sexual orientation and transgender discrimination, and much more.
  3. We also have sessions on the perennially challenging topics like mixed cases, reasonable accommodations, the intersection of the ADA and FMLA, performance feedback, and much more.
  4. If you’re going to a virtual training, you’d expect the event to be live, right? Beware: Some virtual training conferences are presenting recorded sessions. That idea doesn’t fly with us here at FELTG Headquarters. All of our sessions will be presented live, which means you’ll have opportunities to ask questions of the instructors, and get immediate answers.
  5. Speaking of instructors, your favorite FELTG presenters, such as FELTG President Deborah Hopkins, Barbara Haga, Katherine Atkinson, Dwight Lewis, Bob Woods, and Ann Boehm (just to name a few) will be a part of the event.
  6. We make it easy for EEO counselors and investigators to get their 8 hours of annual refresher credits. Click hereto register for all the applicable sessions.
  7. No, we didn’t forget about you attorneys out there. This event offers many chances to earn CLE credits, including two hours of Ethics.
  8. Federal Workplace 2020: Accountability, Challenges, and Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemichas something for everyone, whether you’re a supervisor, HR professional, EEO practitioner, union representative, or attorney.
  9. This isn’t our first rodeo. Since we launched the FELTG Virtual Training Institute earlier this year, we’ve produced several multi-day virtual training events.
  10. If for some reason you can’t attend this session, we have plenty of other upcoming, more specific events before the end of the fiscal year, including EEOC Law Week and MSPB Law Week. Check out the FELTG Virtual Training Institute for more details.

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