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Ask FELTG: Are holidays counted as hours for Paid Parental Leave?

This question came to Ask FELTG with the following hypothetical example: The expected due date for a baby is December 26, 2020 and the employee is hoping to take Paid Parental Leave from December 11, 2020 through sometime in March 2021. During this period, we have...

Ask FELTG Answers Your Questions About COVID-19

April 28, 2020 Over the past few weeks, FELTG has received numerous questions about COVID-19, both via email and during our webinars and virtual training events. Here are three of the more common questions, along with answers and guidance, courtesy of the EEOC’s...

Ask FELTG: Should an agency remove a hypothetical employee for current misconduct when he’s separately being investigated for a security clearance issue, a matter in which the agency is considering an indefinite suspension? Or should the agency wait until the security clearance issue has been resolved? The misconduct is unrelated to the security clearance.

Let's add a little more context to this hypothetical scenario. The agency requires employees to maintain a security clearance as a mandatory condition of employment. When someone's security clearance is suspended pending review, the agency usually indefinitely...


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