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Ask FELTG: Could Deadnaming Be Considered Unlawful Harassment?

A FELTG reader sent us the following submission. A discussion recently came up in our agency about deadnaming and whether that could be considered unlawful harassment. Can you weigh in? Thanks for the question. Let’s start with a definition. A deadname, according to...

Ask FELTG: How Much Information Do You Need in the Proposal Letter?

The following question came into Ask FELTG: Must the proposal letter in a proposed disciplinary action contain everything the agency has relied upon in making the proposal? And here's the answer: The letter itself does not have to contain the agency’s entire case...

Ask FELTG: Does a Local CBA Trump an Agency’s Nationwide Policy?

June 14, 2023 Here’s more context from the loyal FELTG reader who posed the question: Let’s say, hypothetically, management at a regional outpost agrees to terms regarding office workspace with their local union, and then enters into a CBA articulating those...


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