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Ask FELTG: Should an agency remove a hypothetical employee for current misconduct when he’s separately being investigated for a security clearance issue, a matter in which the agency is considering an indefinite suspension? Or should the agency wait until the security clearance issue has been resolved? The misconduct is unrelated to the security clearance.

Let's add a little more context to this hypothetical scenario. The agency requires employees to maintain a security clearance as a mandatory condition of employment. When someone's security clearance is suspended pending review, the agency usually indefinitely...

Ask FELTG: If an employee is requesting leave without pay to cover an absence due to illness, can a supervisor and/or HR practitioner contact the medical provider to authenticate a medical certificate received from the employee? What if the employee was requesting sick leave? We just want to know whether the employee was seen by the medical provider on the date identified on the medical certificate.

The type of leave doesn't really matter in this instance, whether it is LWOP or sick or FMLA. When you use the term "authenticate," do you mean the questions to the health care provider would be something like: "Is this the document you signed?" or "Are these dates...

Ask FELTG: If a federal employee goes to an EEO office wanting to initiate a complaint of discrimination for alleging hostile work environment and other things related to conditions of employment but can’t state a claim alleging discrimination under the applicable employment discrimination laws like Title VII, etc., can the employee file a complaint?

An employee can file an EEO complaint about anything he wants. There is no prohibition on that. The EEO Office, when looking at the allegations in the complaint, should then dismiss any part of the complaint, or the entire complaint itself, if there is no covered...


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