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Sometimes, the news can't wait until our next FELTG Newsletter is published! Check out the latest news, case decisions and developments in the world of federal employment law below.

The Ford-Kavanaugh Tell-the-Truth Tool

By William Wiley, October 9, 2018 The Ford-Kavanaugh Senate hearings had much of our country focused on the concept of evidence and proof. In last week's FELTG News Flash, we wrote about the problem the Senate has because it is arguing about "proof" without having a...

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Civil Service Law and Kavanaugh

By William Wiley, October 2, 2018 As I watched the Ford-Kavanaugh Supreme Court Justice nominee hearings recently, I was struck by the lack of standards for the process. In case you've been in a cave for the past week, the issue of the hearings was whether nominee...

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Homicide in the Workplace

By William Wiley, September 25, 2018 I’ve always been a worrier. Even in my class picture from the second grade, you can see that I have a lot on my mind and the weight of the world on my shoulders. There are so many rules in life and someone has to be concerned that...

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MSPB Nominees no More

By William Wiley, September 20, 2018 Dear FELTG Nation- It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our super-secret internal sources report that the Senate Homeland Security Committee has advised the White House that it will not act on the nominations of the...

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Who’s Afraid of a Big Bad PIP?

By William Wiley, September 11, 2018 We hear it all the time from participants in our supervisory classes. "My HR specialist advised me not to use the Chapter 43 unacceptable performance procedures with a problem employee. He said the misconduct procedures would be...

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GAO, Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

By William Wiley, August 21, 2018 GAO recent released what could have been a Breaking News report entitled "Federal Employee Misconduct: Actions Needed to Ensure Agencies Have Tools to Effectively Address Misconduct (July 2018)." Given the recent kerfuffle about...

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Emailing Jesus Christ

By William Wiley, August 7,  2018 A number of agencies have someone like this. He thinks that his personal grievances about the workplace are soooo important that everybody above him in the chain of command must want to know about them. So he emails just about...

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How to Handle VLTP Misuse

By William Wiley, July 30, 2018 Some days it seems that every time you set up a system to do good for people, someone will figure out how to misuse it. The civil service program that falls into that category that we'll cover today is the Voluntary Leave Transfer...

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