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Sometimes, the news can't wait until our next FELTG Newsletter is published! Check out the latest news, case decisions and developments in the world of federal employment law below.

Three Takeaways from the 2020 FEVS

By Deborah Hopkins, May 24, 2021 The 2020 FEVS was released a few days ago. Thanks to COVID-19, it looks somewhat different than past FEVS. But, as always, it is full of interesting and helpful information about how employees view their agencies, their supervisors,...

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And Now a Word With … Marcus Hill

By Dan Gephart, March 29, 2021 As the former Senior Executive Advisor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Marcus Hill (pictured at right) knows a lot about training. When it comes to determining whether training is going to be effective, he recalls...

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The Power of Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

By Michael Murray, Special Guest Author, March 22, 2021 I have been so pumped to see meaningful conversations about workplace diversity and inclusion that have been happening around the country. The most progressive workplaces always include those of us with...

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