Bob Woods

Bob Woods


Before retiring from public service, Mr. Woods served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) for the Department of the Navy. Mr. Woods was the principal advisor to the Assistant Secretary in executing responsibilities for the overall supervision and oversight of manpower and reserve component affairs of the Navy, including the development of programs and policy related to military personnel (active, reserve, retired), their family members, and the civilian workforce; the tracking of the contractor workforce; and, the oversight of Human Resources systems within the Department.
Mr. Woods previously served as  Assistant General Counsel (M&RA) where he was legal advisor to the Secretariat for matters concerning military and civilian personnel policy. He also coordinated the efforts of Navy attorneys world-wide in administrative and federal court employment litigation. Mr. Woods, a member of the Senior Executive Service, was appointed Special Counsel Litigation where he was responsible for the most important litigation matters under the cognizance of the General Counsel.  Before his work at Navy started in 1999, Mr. Woods handled labor and employment litigation for the General Services Administration and the Department of Commerce.
Mr. Woods retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1998 after more than 20 years of active duty.


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