December 16, 2022

The Federal Employment Law Training Group, LLC (FELTG) is seeking a full-time Executive Assistant and Training Moderator to assist with processing registrations for training events, answering customer inquiries over telephone and email, and providing customer service assistance as needed. In addition, this individual will schedule, launch, and moderate training sessions on Zoom. The candidate must have at least one year of experience teleworking.

The candidate must be professional and courteous, as they will be the initial point of contact between customers and the company. In addition, the candidate must be highly organized and able to multi-task and prioritize projects in a fast-paced work environment.

FELTG is an SBA-Certified Woman Owned Small Business that is dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of the Federal government’s accountability systems, and promoting a diverse and inclusive civil service by providing high-quality and engaging training to the individuals who serve our country.

Job Duties:

  1. Answer incoming calls
    • Assist/answer customer phone inquiries, handle customer service issues (respond to all voice messages within 24 hours)


  1. Respond to customer email inquires (respond to email messages within 24 hours)


  1. Process class registrations and payments; send receipts; add and track participant information for each program


  1. Email participants training materials and dial-in information 24 hours before each webinar and virtual training


  1. Moderate webinars and virtual trainings


  1. Create virtual trainings, webinars and meetings using Zoom
  • Add participants for each virtual event in Zoom
  • Add Polls as needed
  • Save and/or delete recordings as necessary


  1. Set up and conduct any webinar tests for customers that request them


  1. Process book orders and payments
  • Ship book orders to customers


  1. Update the newsletter subscribers in Constant Contact weekly and update FELTG’s email subscriber records weekly (FELTG Contacts)
  • Add all participant emails to the FELTG Contacts list


  1. Create certificates of completion for webinars and virtual trainings


  1. Submit HRCI open enrollment trainings for approval


  1. Create tent cards, certificates, and sign-in sheets for open enrollment trainings (when necessary)
  • Ship training materials (when necessary)


  1. Fulfill DVD/USB recording orders – burning DVDs or adding classes to USB drives, shipping out orders


  1. Add and remove videos on Vimeo as necessary


  1. Review webinar recordings for posting on website


  1. Proofread training materials as needed


  1. Help with invoicing when needed


  1. Assist with any other tasks as needed or assigned


Technical Skills Required:

  • Email
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Adobe PDF Creator
  • Zoom Meetings and Webinars; WebEx, MS Teams, Adobe Connect and other virtual platforms preferred as well
  • Vimeo
  • Experience in social media platforms
  • Experience in organizational databases a bonus

Job Location:

This position is entirely remote, with the exception of occasional travel. The ideal candidate will live within 3 hours of the Washington, DC area.

Because of the telephone requirements of this position, the candidate must be equipped to work at home, and the work location must be quiet environment where phone calls and web events will not be interrupted by external noises.

Hours and schedule:

40 hours a week. Business hours are 8:30-5:00.



$17-20 per hour to start, depending on experience level.




Paid sick and vacation leave; 401(k) eligibility after one year of employment.

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