By Dan Gephart, December 7, 2020

Our last newsletter of the year will be published next week. So barring any major late-breaking news, this is the final FELTG Flash of 2020. As we’ve done the last couple of years (2019, 2018), we’d like to take this opportunity to look back at our most popular newsletter stories (based on the number of reads and forwards) over the past year.

I know what you’re thinking: “A look back? At 2020?”

Well, yes. While many of us quarantined in our homes, federal employment law challenges continued to run rampant. As always, FELTG was here to help guide you.

This year’s Top 10 stories reveal a wide range of issues related to performance, conduct, telework, sexual harassment and, in a few cases, how those situations were impacted by COVID-19.

1 – He Claimed He Teleworked for 2 Months, but His Laptop Charger Was at the Office (June)

2 – Why a Supervisor Should Never Give a Summary Performance Rating of Unacceptable (January)

3 – Failure to Follow Instructions: A Charge That Seems Particularly Fit for 2020 (May)

4 – What Dave Wants Dave Gets: Sexual Harassment is Misconduct (September)

5 – To Err is Human — and Maybe Also a Reason to Change a Personnel Record (May)

6 – Is There a Legal Path to Fire Dr. Fauci? (July)

7 – The Great Debate: Douglas in the Proposal or Douglas in the Decision? (January)

8 – Ripped From the Headlines: A Case for Today’s World (August)

9 – Precedential Fed Circuit Decision: Which Expert Determines if Employee is Unfit (October)

10 – How Long is Too Long for COVID-related LWOP? (November)

Twelve months from now, we’ll once again share our top 10 stories. Let’s hope that we will be looking back at a much better year. [email protected]

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